News Detail
November 29, 2010

Glenn Beck BROKE at the Benedum Theater

What a beautiful time of the year! The sun is shining today in the crisp cool air and the outdoor birds and critters are playing in yard. I love the Holydays, and so does my beautiful son. He is 20 now, and still full of the ol’ Nick. He and his sister surprised me again this year by getting the tree and setting it on the platform by the window while I was at work here at F. Tambellini’s. They are good little elves.
I was reading a good Christmas book tonight before I went to bed. I like to unwind that way. This one is called The Christmas Sweater, and is written by a radio comedian and tv host you will probably know, Glenn Beck. I told my guest at Tambellini’s that I bought the book because I met the author and he is a real sweet and considerate man. When we was my guest, Glenn was sure to be courteous of his fellow workers that he was with and put their needs before those of himself. (He loved the food!) If you have ever seen his Christmas show you know that he weaves a good yarn with charm and light hearted comedy but most of all with touching feeling. To my surprise, The woman I spoke with had read The Christmas Sweater book and liked it so much that she had given it to all of her friends as a Christmas present last year.
Don’t worry; I’m not going to give away the story just to say that it is based on true events in Glenn Beck’s life as he too had lost his mother at the age of 12. It is a fast read of 288 pages in spacious print and tells the tale of family lessons learned and the true appreciation of what we have in life. It has been made into a stage play with full live musical score and a film which runs as the background. That is not the show that will be here this Thursday.
I believe that this Thursday’s live performance at the Benedum is the true to life Glenn Beck Christmas Show complete with heartwarming stories which will make you laugh until you cry. I just wanted to let you all know so that maybe I will see you at the show again this year!
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