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May 13, 2011

Totem is in town AND The Wizard of OZ!

Wow, What a great week here in the Burgh! First we had the great opportunity to see Pittsburgh's finest high shcool young actors and musicians woo us into the wonderful land of OZ! There were Flying houses and witches, flying monkeys and Tornados whirling everywhere. Dorothy was outstanding as she sounds just like Judy Garland, Oh My!... and Glinda has an outstanding voice as she floats in above all on her bubbble. The Lion stole his scenes with heartfelt candor and the scarecrow tumbles like a weed. It is delightful is you have an evening free this 1 week only...$10 for students and $13 adults at 7:30pm thru May 14th at the Mount Lebanon High School on Cochran road in the South Hills, 15228.
Wednesday was Press Night in the Strip Parking Lot near Danze's ther is a tent full of talent and Magic. These incredible acrobats will mesmerize you with eye candy with their movements, humor and lighting effects. This Cirque Du Soliel Totem act is fun and lively! Bring the kids, you'll be glad you did. There's not a bad seat in the house. The Totum Show will be in town now through 6-5-2011, so stop in when you're passing through town for a drink and the Legendary Zucchini Appetizer! 412-391-1091 and I'll set you up here on Seventh Street Downtown! Buon Appetito!