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June 01, 2011

Never Underestimate the "Girls" from 9 to 5

9 to 5 is taking Downtown Pittsburgh by a storm with talented lively antics with so much happening on the stage you could watch it 3 times and still not soak up all of the action. The starring roles of Violet, Dorelee and Judy expertly played by Dee Hoty, Diana DeGarmo, and Mamie Parris were sincere, believable and superbly performed by POWERHOUSE voices at times. One would believe Dolly Parton was really there too! Just Darling were those lovely girls ...but the alcoholic was probably my favorite, well, Roz played by Kristine Zbornik was really good too. You rock Roz! I don't know how Joseph Mahowald could hang there so long through the whole number "Get Out and Stay OUt" superbly executed by Mamie Parris. Great night out if you can spend some time this week in the air conditioned Benedum Theater next door. And Please call me, Janet, with your reservation requests for dinner before the show at 412-391-1091 as it is way Too Hot to Cook at home! Buon Apetito!
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