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June 15, 2011

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde take Hold of Downtown Pittsburgh

Wow!, The talent on the Stage at the Benedum Theater next door last night was incredible! It was like being in New York City with the production that is here through June 26th, 2011. The Dark Mr Hyde is magnificent with his vocal talent and theatrical antics which clearly define one man into two distinct characters. Mesmerizing indeed. The audience, myself included , was really taken with the hauntingly sweet voice of Elizabeth Stanley who plays Lucy, a show girl who befriends Dr Jekyll. Her solo songs and duets are captivating and beautiful. The cast is great and the darling Emma who is played by Brynn O'Malley make the show lovely and believable. Hats off to you all! Please call 412-391-1091 to make a reservation for lunch or dinner while you are here in Downtown Pittsburgh to see the show! Thanks, and I'll see you here with more details...hummm, Janet