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June 29, 2012

Sally Struthers and CLO Actors dining at F. Tambellini's .

Sally Struthers this week at her second visit dining with us here at F. Tambellini's. Conrad John Schuck (Daddy Warbucks) and crew joined Sally for a wonderful meal before the show. Sally is genius in capturing the role of Miss Hannigan the Orphanage Supervisor in the Annie production at the Benedum Theater next door to F Tambellini Ristorante. Sally is spry and engaging and truly gives her all for our enjoyment! Thank You to Conrad & Johanna Loughran for your marvelous voices and to the entire crew for a heartfelt and energetic night!Denee' Benton, Julia Johanos, Justin Lonesome, and J. Alex Noble also stopped by for Zucchini and Scrod Tambellini before Friday's performance. Denee' sings her heart out in NYC and the crew give an energetic and pristine performance not to be missed! Bravo!, Janet and Charlie PS, We will see these fine young actors in Fiddler on the Roof and Sunset Boulevard too!