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October 13, 2012

Mary Poppins & Cast Raises $13,000 for Charity with Dinner here at F. Tambellini's!

Mary Poppins Dinner with the Cast Party raises $13,000.00 for Charity! Sarah and Megan have Dinner with Cast... Bert, Michael and Mary Poppins! Wow!, what an exciting week we had here! Brad and Janet really came through for Broadway Cares with the help of everyone in Pittsburgh who goes to the shows! You made donations to Broadway Cares to have dinner with the Mary Poppins Team and what a good time which was had by all! There was a sense of energy and excitement in the room as we dined together at F. Tambellini's. The cast of Mary Poppins had dinner with Sarah and Megan, the lucky Winners, at my place, F. Tambellini's. Bert (Con O'Shea-Creal) and little Michael (Eli) and some of the very talented members of the ensemble enjoyed our wonderful Italian cooking like it was home! Mary Poppins (Madeline Trumble) was very sweet and Perfectly perfect in every way...and loved our Fiochetti! That team really works up an appetite as they kick their knees up and Step IN Time! Thanks for all of your support for terminal illnesses and thanks for visiting Love, Janet and Charlie PS.Please call 412-391-1091 for your reservations for all size parties(1-100)