News Detail
December 11, 2007

Glenn Beck is Debuting his Stageplay in Pittsburgh Saturday, Nov. 29th only!

CNN TV Show Host and Radio Celebrity Glenn Beck was delighted to dine with us in Pittsburgh Monday, December 10th. His Dinner began with some wonderful Shrimp Cocktail with our homemade zesty cocktail sauce. Glenn Beck and his great Crew of hungry helpers then enjoyed a full Dining expierence of Fresh and Crispy Insalada Misto, Homemade Ziti with Robust Meat sauce, and then the Savory Strip Steaks, Simmering from the grill. The party was Wonderful and easily explains how Glenn Beck could put on such a wonderful Show! Everyone was enthralled as he spun tale after tale of his hilarious childhood and fatherhood expierences. His daughters Mary and Hannah had expected a Christmas sleigh bell from Santa which became a tall order for an unknowing father. No one could have guessed that it could have been SO EASY to delight the little girls! But nooooo, They sent the letter off to Santa this year without sharing it with DAD... and then there were the elves in the elevator. Who would expect that? All in all Glenn touched everyone in the audience with his sharp wit and sentimentality. Then he announced to Pittsburgh that he will be bringing his NEW STAGEPLAY, THE CHRISTMAS SWEATER to debut in Pittsburgh for TWO SHOWS only on Saturday November 29th, 2008. The Christmas Sweater is an Original live Stage Play written by Glenn Beck and has been in production for the past 2 years. An original musical score will also be performed live by an onsite orchestra and a film series will be shown as an enhancing background. Plan to attend this wonderful composition full of magic and wonder as a boy hopes against hope for a second chance to tell his mom how he truely feels about his last present from her...The Christmas Sweater. We can Reserve our on site Private Dining Room for you, Glenn Beck and Friends for you to enjoy dining at it's finest and experience our Legendary Zucchini Appitizer. Call us at 412-391-1091 as soon as you have your comfirmed dates for Decenber 2008 and we will be happy to take care of all of your Dining Details! Thanks for the Photo of us all together! It was wonderful to meet you and dine together! Janet and Charlie Pellegrini See the Photo now of Charlie and I with Glenn Beck. Click on the link below