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December 27, 2008

Tambellini's on TV Extreme Makeover Home Edition Pittsburgh 1-4-09

Don't miss Sunday at 8pm/7c 1-4-2009 Channel 4 WTAE when Janet Pellegrini owner of F. Tambellini Downtown and Karen Hartman owner of our favorite Bakery Breadworks artistically paint Cheetah spots design on Misayah's Slaughter's piano bed for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Pittsburgh style. We had soooo much fun and we had such good autumn weather an a great time. Paul was the designer of "our" room which was done up in wild style for the Slaughter Families teen age daughter, Misayah. The bed turned out gorgeous as did the entire house. Pittsburgh should be proud of how we all pulled together and donated our time, and supplies, and of course great food for all of the volunteer workers at the site in Penn Hills on Grandview Avenue. The people I met on the site were just wonderful and the atmosphere was truly magical as each of us watched in amazement to what our collective efforts accomplished for the Slaughter Family, right before our eyes! I'm not kidding. When we arrived with Tambellini Homemade Lasagna, fresh salad and Breadworks bread on Monday the house was a 2 story square shape with workers and crane lifts all around. After we served the hot meal to 300 workers and the neighbors, the house had the whole structure of the triangular beams for the Roof in place, and the strong young workmen from Burns and Scalo were impatiently waiting for the go ahead to start assembling the shingles onto the roof with their best and fastest expert young teams! You Rock guys!
I was invited back by Montgomery and Rust as a VIP on Wednesday and the house had all of the brickwork completed on the outside and my friend Karen Hartman owner of Breadwork's Bakery was painting the base coat onto the freshly handmade wooden piano bed frame and the legs for it. Because speed is of the essence in this project, Karen employed my help and handiwork with the brush to follow her design with the second color of the leopard spots. Paul then came by to check on our work and he added another dimension to the design to make the finish more detailed and textured rather than flat. After some sampling and thought, Paul disappeared with a small wooden paintbrush...only to return with it with the bristles chopped down to 3/4 inch. This is the tool that I used to titch in copper colored fur lines in various places surrounding the spots. Kewl! It all turned out AWESOME and I can't wait for all of you to see the amazing things that were done here for this deserving Slaughter Family.
The painting on the boy's walls by G-man the Pittsburgh Painter were absolutely AWESOME! He returned to our site looking quite Space Age in his coveralls and hardhat coated in splatters of sky blue and Silver. He is truly a great young Pittsburgh Artist! His room turned out really kewl with industrial steel switches and conveyor belts on the walls. I'm sure the boy loves his new Himself!
I'll send you an email about unpacking the Castle bedroom and the fun we had there after we catered the Homemsde Stuffed Chicken Breast and Mashed potatoes on Thursday Night. I was there the latest on that night for there was certainly much to do!!!
Thank You Pittsburgh Workers and friends for everything you've done. I am proud of you for your friendliness and generosity. Janet Pellegrini, owner F. Tambellini, Downtown