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May 28, 2009

David Osmond is Amazing as Joseph now at the Benedum Downtown

David Osmond charmed the audience at the Benedum Theater in Downtown Pittsburgh last night. He is an exceptional vocalist with a casual style that makes the stage show enjoyable and makes the audience want more. And more there is. Shoshana Bean narrates with her strong soprano vocals, Simeon is wonderful with "Those Canaan Day's", The Calypso is catching with Judah(Jarran Muse) as the excellent lead, and of course Elvis is so good that you love to hear him twice!!! The stage is gorgeous and it is adorned with over 60 of the child CLO Pittsburgh stars who make the evening great! David will sign an autograph for you and there are glossies and other items you can buy at intermission for him to sign right after the show. David is very kind and interested in all the young stars who are flocking to him. He and his lovely wife Valerie have just had their first baby daughter 3 weeks ago and will be at F. Tambellini's for Dinner this week! I'm sure they'll be eating early, so keep an eye out for them and come down to the show! You'll be happy to see such a warm hearted and fun night on the town!
P.S. Children's tickets are half price so be sure to bring them too!
P.S.S. Children's Menu is always available at F. Tambellini's!
call 412-391-1091 now for your reservations for parties of all sizes! Thank You David for a Wonderful Show! It was really nice meeting you live at the Benedum Theater. See You at F. Tambellini's! Ciao, Janet Jackson Pellegrini PS Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is playing now through June 7th at the Benedum Theater Downtown Pittsburgh! Don't Miss the FUN!