News Detail
June 13, 2009

A Big Thank You to Our Cities Finest Fire Fighters!

Pittsburgh was preparing to win the Stanley Cup in Detroit. Baseball fans were rallying to beat the Detroit Tigers too. I had over 150 of you, my loyal guests promised to have a great meal at F. Tambellini's...when the unthinkable happened. At 3:15pm I got the call that smoke was coming from one of our many electrical circuit breaker boxes! Yikes!!! There was no one dining at the time and Chef Michael was preparing the Sauces for the evening when he noticed the circuit box failing. Well we called in to 911 and 9 fire trucks immediately responded from Downtown, South Side and Mount Washington too! Our City Fire Fighters quickly and effeciently got the situation under control minimizing the damages to my Fine Italian Restaurant, our beloved F. Tambellini's Downtown. I apologize that of course we had to close for the busiest night in town in June. We are working around the clock right now to have all the electrical repairs and a total professional cleaning completed for us to re-open Thursday June 18th, 2009.The incident was kept to a minimum effecting only one portion of a kitchen inside wall. Our City Electrician & inspector is on the scene as I speak. Thank You to everyone for your kind words and concern. I love you all and I'll keep you posted. Janet I am just so grateful that no one was injured throughtout this episode. It feels good to be bace at your service. The whole crew is excited to return to F. Tambellini's! See you all soon. Ciao, Janet