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March 22, 2010

Charlie WinsThe Gold Medal From Lucchese Nel Mondo In ITALY!

Go Charlie! Owner, Charlie Pellegrini has been nominated to receive the prestigious Gold medal of Lucchese Nel Mondo, from the Mayor of Lucca, in Tuscany Italy. Basic requirements for consideration are Tuscan Lineage, fluent Italian speaker, Prolific charity and community supporter, promoter of the culture and foods of the region of Tuscany, and active member of Lucchese Nel Mondo. If you know Charlie... he got that covered. We have just received word that ...Charlie won!, we must go to Lucca, Italy to accept the medal in September. Of course we will celebrate with all our great guests of F Tambellini Ristorante when we return!. Charlie might bring home a new recipe or two from Tuscany. j

For more info about Lucchese Nel Mondo Pittsburgh Chapter, go to the following link.