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June 11, 2010

Miss Saigon is a Fabulous Performance!

What a wonderful night out I had opening night, Tuesday 6-8-10 when my Vietnamese "cashflow" friend, Tam and I went to see Miss Saigon. We were propelled through time and space to the Conflict Era of 1975 set in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. The sets have high impact. The dancing is mesmerizing. The costumes are sometimes skimpy, and the MUSIC is Glorious! Kim,( Ma-Anne Dionisio )has a beautiful and emotion filled voice which easily portrays a recently orphaned young woman searching for solice in the chaos of a war torn world. My heart went out to her immediately, as does Chris's ( Aaron Ramey ), the handsome and lovable American GI who is also trying to make sense of the events taking place and to see where he can help. The show is heightened to throughly enjoyable by the faboulous talents of the Engineer ( Kevin Gray ) who sache's and sways his way throughout the saga providing the gel and the feeling of desparation of the times while showing that with strength of character, persistance and flexability, one can always land on their feet. The Orchestration and harmonies of voices make this thrilling production a Must See these 2 weeks at the Benedum Theater! PS. I liked the Dragon Acrobats the Best! PSS When you're going remember to call me at 412-391-1091 so that I can reserve the perfect evening at my restaurant for you! Thanks, Janet Pellegrini